What is The Union Show?

7 12 2010

The Union Show broadcast on community TV C31 in Melbourne Australia from 2005 to 2009 and is a rich source of information on unions and issues affecting unions in this country. Whilst the program is no longer produced for television, the producers, United Productions maintain both a Union Show blog and the UnitedPro2010 YouTube channel as a means of disseminating union information that would otherwise be lost in time and in the morass of anti-union misinformation that is distributed by mainstream media.

An extensive archive of Union Show episodes is available for viewing at http://theunionshow.blip.tv. Current union information can be sourced at www.theunionshow.com.au and at the UnitedPro2010 YouTube channel. There are many other web sources for union information that deal mainly in the written word. One of those sites and perhaps the venerable example is www.labourstart.org.au where you will find links to many other like-minded information outlets.


Westpac staff back collective agreement

29 06 2010

June 29, 2010 – 4:49PM


About 90 per cent of affected Westpac Banking Corporation’s employees have approved a new collective agreement promising a four per cent annual pay rise over two years.

The agreement covers 26,000 of the bank’s employees, including some St George, Bank SA, BT and Asgard employees.

It was endorsed by 90 per cent of affected employees at a vote last week, the Financial Sector Union (FSU) says.

// “It was a complicated and difficult process, but both of us (Westpac and the FSU) came to the table with an attitude of negotiating a good outcome and that’s what’s been achieved,” FSU national secretary Leon Carter told AAP.

The collective agreement is the first between FSU members and the bank in a decade and will deliver a 10 per cent pay rise over 26 months, a one week extension to paid parental leave, and the right to cash out long service leave and annual leave accruals.

About 28 per cent of Westpac’s 36,000 employees will not be covered by the new collective agreement, including about 5,200 St George and Bank SA branch and call centre employees who are covered by a separate agreement.

The agreement must now be approved by Fair Work Australia, after which it will become effective on September 1.

The agreement will run to December 31, 2012.

St George/BankSA leads the pack on parental leave

29 06 2010
Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Negotiations will commence shortly on a new Enterprise Agreement for St George/Bank SA. Amongst the issues raised by FSU members is superannuation on parental leave.

Under a new policy announced today by CEO Gail Kelly, Westpac will pay employer superannuation contributions on up to 40 weeks of unpaid parental leave.

This goes some additional way to meeting calls by FSU members for increases to employer superannuation contributions. The FSU will push to entrench this improvement in the new St George/BankSA Agreement.

Research shows that many women have inadequate retirement funds. One of the contributing factors to this has been the fact that most employers do not pay superannuation contributions when employees are on parental leave.

The new arrangement comes into effect for all leave taken on or after 1 July 2010, making the bank’s Parental Leave arrangements the best amongst all the major banks.